Death and Rebirth in Cambodia

Samsara documents the struggle of the Cambodian people to rebuild a shattered society in a climate of war and with limited resources. More...


Satya: A Prayer for the Enemy

The Nonviolent Resistance of Tibetan Buddhist Nuns

Since the Chinese occupation of Tibet, more than one million Tibetans have been tortured, executed or starved to death for their role in demonstrations against the Chinese occupation. More...



Child Prostitutes from Burma

Sacrifice examines the social, cultural, and economic forces at work in the trafficking of Burmese girls into prostitution in Thailand. More...


A Life Beyond Stigma

Leper provides a rare and intimate glimpse into a contemporary society of lepers in a remote village in Nepal. More...


Sky Burial

A Tibetan Burial Ritual

Sky Burial follows the ritual of "jha-tor", the giving of alms to birds in a northern Tibetan monastery - where the bodies of the dead are offered to the vultures as a final act of kindness to living beings. More...

A Path to Dignity

The Power of Human Rights Education

Presents three stories illustrating the impact of human rights education respectively on school children (India), law enforcement agencies (Australia) and women victims of violence (Turkey). More...



A Divorce Survival Guide for Kids (and their Parents)

A deeply personal film made in collaboration with children aged 6-12, exploring the often frightening and always life altering separation of their parents. More...